Cemetery Options

When planning a funeral, there are 3 main options for aftercare available. These are burial, cremation, and aqua-cremation. You can learn more about each of these options below.


If burial is chosen, your loved ones body is embalmed and prepared for burial in a casket of your choosing. If you opt for burial as aftercare, there are 9 cemeteries in and around Estacada that we work with. Their information is listed below.

Cemeteries in Estacada

Philip E. Linn Cemetery
715 NE Cemetery Road

Odd Fellows Cemetery
675 NE Cemetery Road

George Cemetery
41637 SE George Road

Mt. Zion Cemetery
31285 SE Currin Road

Springwater Cemetery
25365 S. Metzler Park Road

Viola Cemetery
21049 S. Jubb Road

Cemeteries in Eagle Creek

Gibson Cemetery
34750 SE Horseshoe Drive

Forrester Cemetery
31885 SE HWY 221

Foster Cemetery
22701 SE Eagle Nest Lane


Cremation is the process of reducing the body using extreme heat. If cremation is chosen, you may choose whether to bury the remains, place the remains in cemetery niche, or keep the remains in an urn.

Aqua Cremation

This is a flame-less cremation process that uses water instead of fire – it is referred to as alkaline hydrolysis. The body is placed in a container which is then placed in a stainless steel vessel. Then, a combination of water flow, temperature and alkalinity are used to dissolve the body by means of accelerated tissue hydrolysis, a natural process.

Aqua cremation is the eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation or burial; it results in over 90% energy savings and produces no emissions. This means that aqua cremation leaves 1/10 of the carbon footprint as compared to flame-based cremation. In addition to this, the water that is used in aqua cremation is repurposed into water that local nurseries can use on their plants.

For your family’s closure, the memorial service and all other options remain the same. Aqua-cremation also results in 20% more ash remains returned to your family, and the remains appear cleaner than with standard flame cremation.

Please contact us online or call 503-630-3829 today if you have additional questions about aftercare options. We are here to assist you throughout this planning process.