Replica of Lincoln’s Coffin Coming to Estacada

Estacada Funeral Chapel is privileged to have a replica of Abraham Lincoln’s coffin coming to our facility February 16th-20th, 2019.

“President Lincoln’s elaborate coffin was constructed of solid walnut, lined with lead and completely covered in expensive black cloth. It was six feet, six inches long and was decorated with sterling silver handles and studs extending the entire length of its sides. The center of the lid showcased a shield outlined in sterling silver studs and a sterling silver plate… his coffin was the most elaborate of that time.”

It is still a beautiful thing to see today, which is why we are glad to offer the opportunity for residents of Estacada, OR and surrounding areas to view the coffin on the following dates and times:

February 16th & 17th (Saturday & Sunday): Noon to 5:00pm
February 18th-20th (Monday – Wednesday): 9:00am – 5:00pm

For more information on President Lincoln’s Coffin, or when and where to view the replica at our facility, click below.

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